Visual Communication
Degree Show 2021

Crystal Yiamkiati


Studio Leader
Zoe Sadokierski
We are no longer curating our own memories. With the transition from analog to digital, we have lost our personal touch. We don’t personalise our memories, we now leave this to the technology around us.

Now our phones work as on-hand personal archives, in which memories can be accessed instantly. In addition, built-in curation systems, developed by tech companies like Apple, seem to perfectly catalogue these memories for us. But really, these algorithms organise our experiences and relationships into soulless categories. As we begin to realise that we are losing our autonomy to these algorithms, we can ask, are phones beginning to tell us how to remember? Do our memories even belong to us?

Bad Apples are a speculative anonymous collective. They are designers, programmers, and engineers planted within the world’s biggest tech companies. As Big Tech continues to develop algorithms that target our emotions for their own capital gain, Bad Apples are a reminder that you are not the problem. They intervene in public spaces where you are most likely to be on your phone, posing provocations to divert your attention, and shift your thinking. Bad Apples want you to reclaim your digital autonomy.

UTS School of Design, Faculty of Design
Architecture and Building
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